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The Ecosystem of sustainable mobility services

in rural areas, accessibility is often a challenge for locals and tourists. In Finnish Lapland tourism destinations are sparsely distributed in large areas and the level of digitalization concerning mobility services is rather low, partly because of the big amount of small businesses. The information about the routes and schedules is hard to find,especially for the individual travelers. It is hard to form seamless, traveler-friendly travel chains in rural areas without a comprehensive trip planner.

The Open Arctic MaaS -project advanced mobility services in northern Finland in 2018-2019. The Ecosystem of Sustainable Mobility Services – towards resource-wise mobility services is a project that will continue the work Open Arctic MaaS started. The project will especially reflect on the challenges concerning regional development that appeared during Open Arctic MaaS. The idea is to advance accessibility in rural areas, support a low-carbon lifestyle and raise the level of digitalization in Finnish Lapland.

The main goal of the project is to create new business opportunities for the local companies by advancing sustainable and energy efficient mobility. Supporting collaboration between transport service providers and tourism service providers and developing the regional collaboration especially concerning service transport is an essential part of the project. By sharing knowledge, digitizing routes, schedules and other information about destinations (attractions,services etc.) project adds visibility of destinations in the digital world.

Effortless, easy and recourse-wise traveling can be achieved through seamless customer-friendly travel chains and functional digital services – such as a comprehensive trip planner – of a good quality. The project advances sustainable tourism, low carbon mobility and accessibility in rural areas by extensive stakeholder collaboration, sharing knowledge, creating new formulas and supporting the digitalization processes.

Previous projects

Open Arctic MaaS

Tourism in Lapland is growing fast but yet we are facing mobility challenges due to long distances, seasonality and availability of local transportation, for instance. Open Arctic MaaS is improving accessibility of North Finland and supporting sustainable growth of tourism at the same time. The aim is to advance the mobility services for local people and individual travellers by developing a comprehensive digital search and trip planner.

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