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Open Arctic MaaS

Tourism in Lapland is growing fast but yet we are facing mobility challenges due to long distances, seasonality and availability of local transportation, for instance. Open Arctic MaaS is improving accessibility of North Finland and supporting sustainable growth of tourism at the same time. The aim is to advance the mobility services for local people and individual travellers by developing a comprehensive digital search and trip planner.

Open Arctic MaaS presentation (English)


What is Lapin Reittiopas trip planner and what does the service cover? 

The service aims at combining different transportation forms and showing different traveling options. Lapin reittiopas trip planner is a door-to-door trip planner for persons using public transportation and it is offered by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland at Open Arctic MaaS project. The service displays route from point A to point B (from address to another) in the selected time and date. Lapin reittiopas trip planner covers the local traffic in northern Finland (ski bus, railway station bus, airport bus) and traffic found from the service provided by the Finnish Transport Agency (railway traffic, domestic air traffic, bus traffic in the rural and city areas). There is no pricing information included at this point in the service. 

How can I find the most suitable routes for me in the Lapin Reittiopas trip planner? 

When you are searching the route from the origin to the destination, ‘Settings’ button appears. From there you can adjust the features of the route, amount of walking or number of transfers, for example. The origin and the destination can be set in the map by clicking the right mouse button or tapping a point on the map for few seconds. You can also select a bus stop from the map and choose ‘Route from here’ or ‘Route here’. You can edit the time by overwriting the visible time in a form ‘1200’, for example.

Where is the information of Lapin Reittiopas trip planner based on? 

The service is based on the traffic information is based on the data that is given to the Finnish Transport Agency by the various public transportation operators. Information on local traffic in northern Finland is based on the information provided by the bus operators. Transportation suggestions are based on the estimated driving times but it cannot be guaranteed that the transportations are operated. It is best to check the timetable from the operators, Matkahuolto or the authoritative organizing the transportation. Maps and related content are provided by the OpenStreetMap contributors and Digiroad. The address information is brought from the Building and Dwelling Register of the Population Register Center.

Where can I give feedback on the Lapin Reittiopas trip planner?

You can give feedback on the Lapin Reittiopas trip planner here. If the feedback is about the transportation/traffic, you are encouraged to contact directly the responsible operator, such as the operator or the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY). Also, the feedback provided via the link above will be directed forward to the responsible partner. Open Arctic MaaS project won't guarantee the route suggested will take place and they won't compensate the damages that might be caused by the connection that didn't take place.